Medical Training Initiative

We welcome doctors under the MTI scheme and usually have more than one at a time working with us.

Application info here and here

Educational and acclimatisation support

We appreciate that working in a new environment and new country is a significant challenge even when you have years of experience in medicine. The following links, documents and book suggestions are designed to help.


Local MTI guide (indicative only, please note this is continuously updated and therefore once appointed you should refer to the one sent out by Dr Odedra) – MTI Induction booklet

Our regional trainee and education website – this includes a number of links to excellent FOAM resources

Guide to working at SJUH and clinical reference guides here


The Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Years

The Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine

The Oxford Handbook of Critical Care

Essential Guide to Acute Care

Oh’s Intensive Care Manual

The Oxford Desk Reference of Critical Care






ICU Review – document developed by Dr Philip Mathew as an aide memoir for the taking of referrals and Outreach reviews