Education & FOAM

We aim to deliver regular, high quality, teaching both at the bedside and in seminar format. There is also regional FFICM teaching and connection with the local faculty approved FFICM Course.

There are a number of members of the team who are FICE mentors and we are hoping to develop a CUSIC mentor group also.

The local FICM tutors are Dr Lorna Eyre (SJUH) and Dr John Oram (LGI).

See Yorkshire ICM for our regional trainee site.

We have an enthusiastic nurse education team with developmental packages provided for all grades of staff with supporting study days.

New starters have a comprehensive package of study days supporting the STEPS programme. This includes days dedicated to Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Neuro, IV’s, Gastro/Hepatology, AKI, RRT and Safety & Communication with supporting workbooks.

Clinical Practice Educators

J54 – Sophie Beavors, Alex Sawyor & Emily Gascoyne

J81 – Lizzie Bird

L2/3 – Tandy Metcalfe

L4/5 – Amanda Greenwood

L6/7 – Alison Rourke

Critical Care Course Leader

Duncan Nicholson


Over the coming weeks and months we aim to upload powerpoints and recordings of lectures from the ICU teaching program.

Please note – these are provided for educational interest and for our trainees who miss the sessions. They are not to be construed as medical advice nor to be copied.

AKI for renal study day – Aimed at junior nursing and medical staff

AKI & RRT – slides here– audio here

CVS Support



Sedation on ICU